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(quick snapshot... understanding your stock)
100   Stock ticker & Company Profile
110   Anatomy of a Stock - company snapshot
120   What the company does and how it makes its money
130   What Sector & Which Industry?
140   What Competitors?
150   Knowing The Share Price History
160   Knowing Number of Shares Outstanding
(what the company controls)
200   Company Website
220   Annual Report (10K)
230   Latest Quarterly Report (10Q) & Other SEC Filings
240   Conference Calls
250   Earnings Guidance Provided
260   Insider Buying & Selling
270   Stock Splits
275   Secondary Offerings
280   Dividend & Yield
(what others control)
300   Analyst Ratings & Expectations
310   Major Holders
320   Major Index Membership
330   Short Position
340   News Headlines
350   Industry Events
(what you can control)

400   Your Available Time
410   Age/Risk Tolerance
420   Don't Buy All At Once
430   Diversification
500   Jim Cramer's 25 Rules for Investing
510   Warren Buffett's Stock Portfolio
520   Business News - TV & Newspapers
530   Business News - Websites
540   Last check: Cramer's latest comments on
600   Stocks 101: The Basics
610   Online Trading 101 (vs. paying a broker)
620   Anatomy Of A Stock:  The Parts
630   Mad Money Recap
640   Setting up your own free Yahoo! Finance Portfolio
650   Stock/Investing Glossary
(coming soon)

700   Open Step
750   Open Step
790   Open Step
800   Ongoing Weekly Homework for each of your stocks
WB   Free Stock Homework Workbook - PDF Download







:An Ongoing Co-operative Project:                                                      
Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you like a stock, from everything you've heard from the "Stocking Heads" - those that claim to be stock experts on TV... and learning as much as you can about a company... and then finally buying those shares of stock with your new online trading account...

And then, to your horror, you find out that they just released their earnings report - very negative company news - and the shares went down dramatically...

...and you are now faced with sticking by the stock, or selling it for a big loss. You could have read about the warnings, but you didn't know where to go to find them...

Enter StockHomework101's step-by-step checklist to properly do thorough homework on any given stock...

We are honestly long-time viewers and believers in the philosophy and teachings of Jim Cramer from CNBC. If you have never watched his show, "Mad Money," then you may not know who he is, though he is hard to miss when you do see him on TV on his show, or as a guest on the Today Show, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and many others. In fact, we believed so much in Cramer's mission, that we started our sister website,

For those of you out there who are ardent haters of Jim Cramer, you may think we've been "drinking the Kool-Aid" and follow every recommendation that he makes and every advice on stock that he provides or opines on.

That simply is not true.

As Cramer's himself states, we listen to him and take his advice into account as we do our own STOCK HOMEWORK, to determine from our own rigorous analysis of a stock at that point in time, whether to "pull the trigger," as Cramer likes to say, and buy or sell it.

The value in Cramer is that he makes trading and investing interesting, and helps to explain what many of us "homegamers," or non-professionals, do not know already. He makes so many issues surrounding stock trading and investing less mystical, and more logical to the masses. That does not mean (and he states this often) that he never makes mistakes and gets it wrong when he recommends a stock, and it then proceeds to drop like a rock. He has done this often, and he himself illustrates his mistakes, and then dedicates entire shows toward learning from those mistakes so as not to repeat them.

We simply recognize Cramer in the same way that students should embrace physics and calculus (yes, we liked those at the time also) because, even though you may never use the direct application (i.e., recommendations from Cramer), he teaches you how to think better, and how to analyze a given situation... and thus how to come out with more successful results, in general, if not specifically. His rules for investing [link] are hard to argue with and, given that he is known to be rich beyond $100 million and does not need to work, we appreciate his tireless efforts to help all of us... the little guys and home investors.

Our Mission
The value of this site,, is simple. Our mission was to treat this site development like a software beta version release. We could never be all things to all people, given that everyone has a different level of understanding about trading and investing. So we are launching with Beta version 1.0, as a basic starting point with what we have gathered from the feedback of more than a hundred site visitors from, creating these steps as the critical checks you need to go through as "required homework" to draw your own conclusions before buying, selling or continuing to hold a particular stock.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed! If you believe you can contribute, please comment
here >

Our mission is to help you take the many stock homework tools out there - individually - and put them into a simple website for you to use daily for your own stock research before buying and selling, via simplicity and brevity... So we are trying to do the "less is more" approach and let you do the rest!

We hope you enjoy it and we wish you great profits with your investing and trading.

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